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Sands of Oblivion



m and the rest of the crew, one of the props is an ancient Egyptian artifact that, when unearthed by archaeologists in the present day, awakens the curse of an Anubis-like creature.


This section of "Oblivion" plays like a mix between "The Mummy" and "Final Destination," with a few inventive deaths played out amidst catacombs and whatnot. But as members of the C-level cast run from supernatural sand worms, there's only so far it can go, and that means downshifting into a redneck "Tremors" rip-off for its final third.


Director David Flores ("Boa vs. Python," anyone?) does what he can with the meager budget, and for a while, effects are passable. It's worth a rental if you switch it off once the cornpone comedy commences.


"?Rod Lott

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