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Facing an oh-fer-the-season Utah State team, the Oklahoma Sooners may be able to name their score today.

Sass will keep you posted on the compelling storylines from the game if there are any to be shared.

Maybe the number of duplicate-number players who hit the field? Or maybe even which linemen line up at fullback?

The Utah State cluster -- can't quite call them a crowd -- does not even have cheerleaders or a pep band who made the trip. Seriously, there are like 10 rows total in their "area."

So far, the biggest suspense by Utah State was whether or not they would go for a fourth-and-one from the 42 -- but decided to bring out the punter. OU did not replace the defense with the special teams simply sending Reggie Smith back about 25 yards.

Quarterback Sam Bradford has hit nine straight passes to begin the game. Finally have a compelling storyline to follow!

Spoke too soon. Bradford threw long to Malcolm Kelly and then an intereption. Guess he is really is human, throwing his first pick of his Sooner career.

At halftime, the Sooners lead the game 38-3, picking up 412 offensive yards, 242 passing and 170 rushing. Bradford is actually experiencing his worst game so far; however, considering he's 18 of 25, that's hardly a bad performance.

Freshman running back DeMarco Murray ran for a 92-yard touchdown to distance the Sooners 45-3. Murray's run is the third-longest in OU history.

The Sooners may be in trouble if Bradford gets hurt in a game, neither backup quarterback has been able to produce Bradford took to the sideline. Oklahoma ends the game taking a knee and winning 54-3.


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