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Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell Volume 3



Love him or hate him (I'm in the former camp), Will Ferrell is one of the all-time MVPs of NBC's long-running comedy institution we lovingly abbreviate as "SNL." Universal's third "? count 'em, three! "? collection of the funny man's skits come culled not just from his days as a cast member, but as a big-time movie star respectfully returning as guest host to the stage that made him famous.

With a dozen pieces, the hour-long compilation is heavy with Ferrell's repeat characters, among them Robert Goulet, James Lipton, President George W. Bush and one-half of those damned Spartan cheerleaders. "Celebrity Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek is another, sparring with Darrell Hammond's saucy Sean Connery.

Ferrell excels at the absurd and seemingly pointless, which can be found in the bits "Family Dinner," "NBA on TNT" and "Barbecue" (containing the infamous "GET OFF THE SHED!" line). And in the extras, Ferrell rocks the drumsticks and (natch) cowbell to accompany Green Day in a never-aired performance.

These may not be classic "SNL" sketches ... which is why they're labeled "Volume 3." "?Rod Lott

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