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The city-based band he fronts is an excellent outfit versed in indie, punk, rock and pop, creating the perfect environment for  his voice. Saturday Sirens writes songs strong enough to catch the ear, but not so strong that they steal the spotlight from the vocals. That’s the best of both worlds.

“Christopher Walken” sees Anderson roaring in an Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) tone over an indie-influenced rock song with great sense of rhythmic control.

“Good in Green” has a punk-charged sensibility that makes his demeaning sneer all the more attractive and satisfying. But it’s not all mile-a-minute rock, as about half the tracks rely heavily on acoustic guitar for a poporiented sound.

Anderson morphs his voice yet again for numbers like “Whale City,” “Freedom” and “Constellations.” He is clearly a rock singer doing pop, as his inflections still show an attitude, but that gives the soaring songs a unique bite. The self-titled disc is an incredibly impressive debut, and a highlight of the year so far. —Stephen Carradini

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