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Scam suspends rational thought



Judy Wesselhoft's letter, "Kids deserve better," Dec. 16, 2009, spews ignorance. The evidence is vast and diverse that speciation occurs over time and that all species have a common ancestor. It comes from every discipline of biology " embryology, phylogeny, homology, genetics, paleontology, evolutionary development and on and on. No amount of personal incredulity, denial based on dishonest scholarship or spurious arguments will change the facts.

No scientist claims our knowledge of evolution is complete. There is vigorous debate over details and mechanisms, but millions of publications in the life sciences, representing diverse lines of rigorous scientific inquiry, have produced no facts, not a speck of evidence, not a single idea based on evidence that contradicts the central predictions of evolution. It is a fact that evolution has occurred and is occurring now. There is no truthful reason to characterize evolution as less.

Hoaxes indeed! The only connection between global climatology and evolution, in this context, is that both groups of scientists must continually counter deliberate misrepresentation of their work based on political agendas.

The most effective scam is perpetrated on victims who want so fervently to believe that they suspend rational thought to do so. Combine that with ignorance and you have an opportunity the devil could not improve. Mrs. Wesselhoft and her ilk are perfect examples. The lies of the Discovery Institute have been exposed time and time again, yet these people still believe. Just very sad.

Yes, our children do deserve better. They deserve an excellent science education uncontaminated by political agendas.

"David Grow

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