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Schon and dance



Credit: Brad Gregg

 Schon was born at Tinker Air Force Base in 1954 (Which explains those soaring guitar riffs, right? Right??? Ahem.), so the guy is one of the more accomplished musicians to call Oklahoma home. Kinda. As the only member of the beloved bar-anthem band to participate in every album and tour to date, Schon pretty much is Journey. Prior to forming the band, he’d also been asked to join Derek and the Dominos, to which he declined, opting to join Santana instead (#rockstarproblems). He’s also one-fifth of hard-rock supergroup Bad English, a band known for its chart-topping single “When I See You Smile,” as well as its considerably excellent hair.

All in all, Schon’s a welcome addition to our hall. So buy us another round, will ya? We’ll be at the jukebox. Believe it.


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