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Science Museum Oklahoma hosts annual Film Fest



Four movies. One giant screen.

Starting Thursday, Science Museum Oklahoma, 2100 N.E. 52nd, plays host to its annual Film Fest, featuring four IMAX movies focused on the wonder (and occasional ire) of Mother Nature.

From Thursday to Sunday, and again on Sept. 18-21, film lovers can purchase a Film Fest pass that allows them to see the three films at their leisure, plus "Stormchasers" anytime through Halloween.

"Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk" takes viewers on a journey down the Colorado River, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and "The Serpent and the Rainbow" anthropologist Wade Davis as your guides. The pair investigates the ecological changes that have resulted in part of the river drying up.

In his April review, Gazette critic Doug Bentin said of "Grand Canyon Adventure": "The photography is superb. If you've never seen one of these glorious nature studies in the large IMAX format, you have missed a movie experience like no other. The movie is above and all around you."

"Wildfire" focuses on parachuting firefighters who battle (and sometimes intentionally start) roaring flames in such locales as California, Idaho and Australia. "Wolves" observes the wild animal in its natural habitat.

Finally, "Stormchasers" follows those who follow tornadoes for fun and profit. In his May review, Gazette arts and entertainment editor Joe Wertz wrote, "The images and sounds captured in 'Stormchasers' are immersive, especially when projected on the panoramic screen of the OmniDome. In fact, some of the scenes "¦ are downright stomach-turning."

Passes are $30 for adults and $25 for seniors and children. For more information, all 602-6664. "Rod Lott

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