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Sometimes a cigar is just
a cigar; here, it’s just one of many atrocities suffered by his rich-guy character when his girlfriend, Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord, TV’s rebooted 90210), discovers he has been cheating on her — and with her own BFF (Viva Bianca,
TV’s Spartacus), no less! 
Over one rainy night and long off her lithium prescription, Sadie binds the illicit lovers with bungee cord and handcuffs and then subjects them to a series of most painful punishments. In pure exploitation fashion, the first two acts are compressed into a matter of minutes, making Scorned almost entirely payoff. 
Directed by Leprechaun franchise creator Mark Jones, it is what it is: a revival of the Fatal Attraction-spurred “killer bitch” craze of the late-’80s and early ’90s and a wish-fulfillment fantasy for those women whose men let their loins wander into unchartered crotches. In other words, the film is far from original, but thanks to another unexpectedly bonkers performance from McCord (following 2010’s wonderfully warped Excision), it’s a serviceable, no-apologies, B-level thriller. — Rod Lott

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