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Scotty Karate breaks out with unique punkabilly sound in OKC



You've got to be bold to include your appearance on TV reality show "Elimidate" as a resume builder in music, but with a name like Scotty Karate, boldness is probably just second nature.
But the episode, which showed Karate throwing pizza on an arrogant competitor, shouldn't dissuade anyone seeking out his high-energy honky-tonk. The one-man band has energy to burn, but with a solid footing in the Johnny Cash gospel.
"People have called me the hillbilly Elton John," Karate said.
Karate began playing as a way to bring twang to the masses, playing his style of punkabilly at a breakneck pace and supplementing that sound with kitschy sets and props, such as teepees and mountaineer hats.
"I love beautiful music and I want people to be spiritually uplifted by what I do, but I'm pretty goddamn funny and I can't help that," he said.
His "Elimidate" appearance has given him a measure of notoriety during his travels. After he was accepted by the show, he nearly backed out, but a friend convinced him to go through with it.
"He told me Paul Newman and Robert Redford got their starts on 'The Dating Game,' so after that, I knew I had to," Karate said. (Actually, it was Tom Selleck.) "Charles Martin

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