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Scouting it out



There was a big announcement from the state treasurer's office a couple of weeks ago. State revenues are back to record highs? No. He's running for re-election? Sorry. There has been a surge in tax collections on Oklahoma City Thunder shirts? Well, maybe, but that's beside the point.

No, the press was called attention to the unveiling of which Girl Scout cookie Oklahomans love the most.

We'll put aside for the moment why the state's money guardian is dealing in cookies to first focus on the results, which are obviously incredibly important.

According to an online poll sponsored by the Oklahoma College Savings Plan and two Oklahoma Girl Scouts councils, those famous Thin Mints out-cookied the competition. The delicious combination of dark chocolate and mint garnished into a crunchy delight took the top spot with 24 percent of the vote. It eked out the Samoa, a vanilla wafer dipped in caramel with coconut and chocolate on top, which got 23 percent.

Now back to the confusion.

Sure, it makes some sense the state's treasurer would be seen as the keeper of the state's cookie jar. But this gets a little too literal. The connection is the state's College Savings Plan, which has been one of Treasurer Scott Meacham's babies since he came to the Capitol seven years ago with Gov. Brad Henry.

Seven-year-old Khierra Beal was awarded $1,529 toward college for selling the most Girl Scout cookies, more than 4,500. Unconfirmed reports indicate Meacham consulted with the young cookie seller for state revenue enhancement ideas.

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