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Scrambled cable signals make for unique photography exhibit



When Tulsa artist Dan Mayo watches television "? or more specifically, some scrambled cable channel "? he sees beauty and art. Through Aug. 25, Oklahoma City can share in his unique observation via his photography exhibit "TV Prints" at Untitled [ArtSpace], 1 N.E. Third.

The show is comprised of 24 digital prints created by photographing the scrambled transmissions of premium cable channels at high shutter speeds.

"His work is a lot about pop culture and America's fascination and revulsion with culture," said Betsy Barnum, artistic administrator for Untitled [ArtSpace]. "It's definitely something that has not been seen before."

The pictures are framed and set up in a grid-like fashion, but just like watching a late-night movie on a scrambled channel, viewers must use their imagination to figure out exactly what images each photo conveys.

"You can look at all those pictures in themselves or view it as one big piece," Barnum said. "It's in the in the eye of the beholder what you see."

The theme of this unusual and thought-provoking exhibit deals with sex and violence, and is labeled for mature audiences only. The show is free, but all pieces are available for purchase.

Untitled [ArtSpace] is open Tuesdays through Saturdays. For more information, call 815-9995 or visit

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