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The Sentio Club is the creation of public relations professional Chris Forza and James Frazier, creator of OKC Happy Hour. They are joined in the endeavor by executive chef and partner Beau Stephenson, co-owner of wine bar Bin 73.

“We are a hybrid city club and social club,” Forza said. “The primary difference between Sentio and other large-city clubs is that we don’t have a clubhouse.”

Instead, the group will use locally owned restaurants and clubs as a rotating clubhouse, Stephenson said.

Available to anyone 21 years old and older, memberships run $45 a month or $500 for a year, granting access to exclusive offers and items from some of the metro’s best chefs.

“Participating restaurants and clubs agree to offer all our members a complimentary item, which can be accessed by knowing how to unlock it,” Forza said. “It could be as simple as ordering a second cocktail and asking for the item. Additionally, they have to agree to make available off-the-menu items or experimental dishes that aren’t available to the general public.”

Sentio Club members will carry a stainless-steel card, only 1,000 of which will be issued in
OKC, Forza said. Over the next few years, the group plans expansion into
other cities, giving members wider access to culinary experiences.

Forza said the goal is to have four scheduled events per month, but for now, the club will meet twice monthly, for a social — where members meet at participating restaurants or bars for drinks, dining and networking — and for a private midnight toast.

Frazier and Forza first approached Stephenson to invite Bin 73 to join the network.

“I was so excited about the concept.

I joined right away and became a partner,” Stephenson said. “[It’s] more or less a traveling country club.”

Members also receive access to an app that connects them within a social-networking framework. For more information, visit

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