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Seeing ‘blue states’



B. Zoeller’s letter (“‘Red states’ should pay off GOP debt,” Jan. 26, Gazette) scared me so badly I was seeing “blue states.”

What scared me the most was Zoeller’s misconception of how the federal government spends our money.

A basic U.S. Government 101 course clearly explains that the president of the United States does not spend our money. Article I, Sections 7 and 8 of the U.S. Constitution, delegates this to the U.S. Congress.

I will accept the money amounts Zoeller put forth as accurate or close enough. However, just adding total debt and assigning it to a year, a president or a political party does not give a true picture of who really spends our money. The federal government raises, spends and borrows money like most of its citizens. We have to compare the money spent (federal debt) to the GDP (gross domestic product) to each two-year session of Congress, which spends our money.

The federal debt grew around 30 percent under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. The Congress was controlled by Democrats. Federal debt continued to grow under President Clinton for his first three years, and then the debt as a percentage of GDP continued to decline for the next five years. Great job! Oh, I forgot to mention that the Republicans took control of Congress in 1995, two years after President Clinton took office.

The federal debt started a steady climb under President George W. Bush with two wars, but never exceeded a percentage higher than that when President Clinton was in office, until 2007 when the Democrats regained control of Congress. At that time, the debt shot straight up and has soared to unprecedented levels under President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress. So Zoeller needs to take another look at who really has ownership for creating this huge “blue” debt that has been handed to the taxpayers.

—Bryan Scott Oklahoma City

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