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Don't expect depth. Don't expect subtlety. Don't expect meaning. Expect bear wrestling, and your frame of mind will be perfectly in line.

Will Ferrell's latest vehicle, "Semi-Pro" "? now raunchier (and funnier) on this unrated DVD "? is cut from the same cheesecloth as his other sports-underdog comedies, like "Blades of Glory," "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" and "Kicking & Screaming." That means the barest of story "? a laundry line on which to hang scenes in some semblance of order, mostly existing just for the sake of a joke. Good thing the jokes are usually funny.

Set in the mid-Seventies, the film follows ABA team the Flint Tropics, owned and headed by Jackie Moon (Ferrell). They reside deservedly in the bottom slot, with barely any more fans than there are players. To remedy this, Moon trades the team's washing machine for an NBA has-been (Woody Harrelson).

It doesn't quite end how you'd think, so at least "Semi-Pro" isn't all formula. But these Ferrell movies exhibit an equation of their own "? one that entails near-surreal gags and a supporting cast littered with his less-famous pals. The flick scores points in delivering laughs, if not exactly being a blowout.

The two-disc DVD is an MVP, going the distance in the way of extra features, most notably with the new scenes and amusing featurettes, including a look at Moon's hilarious "Love Me Sexy" hit song.

"?Rod Lott


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