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Seniors' Cabaret presents fine arts extravaganza benefit



In the Oklahoma City community, 75-year-old Joan Colee and her friends are considered senior citizens. But taking into account appearance and lifestyle, their ages become totally irrelevant.

Last November, Colee founded the Seniors' Cabaret, a group of dancing, singing and acting Okies all 55 or older.

What began as five grew into 33 seniors, all of whom commit to the organization's activities. Many members are tap dancers; others sing; and some do killer impersonations of America's most beloved icons, including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, George Strait, Neil Diamond and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The Seniors' Cabaret is a nonprofit organization, and often visits retirement homes to bring joy to fellow seniors.

"If you've ever seen a group of older people on the street with tin cups, that's us," Colee said.

On Friday, the group performs in the Seniors' Cabaret Show, a fine arts extravaganza that benefits local seniors in danger of losing their homes. Colee and her colleagues have teamed up with the Oklahoma Tax Commission to pay back taxes owed by state seniors.

She said on top of helping seniors in the community, the organization also helps the seniors within the group. Several members have shed extra pounds simply by being more active.

Colee was inspired to form the group after her third audition for the Palm Springs Follies in California. After she was beat out by a "big-name" movie star, she decided to start a performing group in Oklahoma, where she'd lived with her family in the 1970s. Since then, her idea has evolved into an ageless artistic phenomenon, and she couldn't be more exited about Friday's showcase of the seniors' skills.

The Seniors' Cabaret premieres 8 p.m. Friday at Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College, 3701 S. Interstate 35 Service Road in Moore. The show will return for a 3 p.m. Sunday matinee. Tickets are $10.

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