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Seniors spending retirement years on dance floor



After watching the senior citizens of the Oklahoma City Swing Club dip, kick and glide across the floor, one may think they've discovered the fountain of youth.

They certainly think they have.

"Dancing makes me happy," said 91-year-old Garnet Harris. "It keeps me from getting old. I'm old in age, but I don't feel it."

Curly and The Over the Hill Gang provide music for Thursday's ballroom dancing. Curly Cardinal said his band plays music from the Twenties through the Sixties. If it's not from those eras, they probably won't play it.

"We don't play any rap or hard metal," said 80-year-old Cardinal. "We leave that for the young cats."

After 14 years, Cardinal said he can see some of the many benefits of the Seniors Program.

"We need the seniors to get off their butts and stop watching bad television and stop watching horrible commercials "¦ and come out and dance," he said. "It's good exercise for them. Stop keeping the pharmacy companies rich. Forget the pills " dance."

Cliff Elliot said he sees three benefits to ballroom dancing weekly.

"The first thing is the love of dance," he said. "Second thing would be fellowship; this is kind of like an extended family. We spend eight hours a week with these folks. When we lose somebody, it grieves us all. The third thing would be exercise. It's a lot better than a treadmill." "Krista Nightengale

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