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Serge Ibaka cover 'truly nauseating'



Most assuredly, my disdain for Oklahoma Gazette's most recent cover ("Power Serge," Nov. 3) will leave me labeled and in a minute minority. However, the cover photo of the 6-10 underwear-clad African ballplayer with the caption, "Women want him. Men want to be him" is truly nauseating (at least to me).

Nothing says "America" like a spot on the couch, six-pack of beer and a ball game. If Americans only cared about their country (among other things) the way they cared about their athletes, wouldn't life be grand? We can thank liberal outlets like the Gazette for steering our impressionable society in the right direction. Kudos, Gazette!

"A turned-off TV is a turned-on mind."

"Paul Joseph

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