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Sesame Street: Dinosaurs!




Toddlers of today would rather watch "SpongeBob SquarePants" than "Sesame Street," although they might change their mind if introduced to the "Dinosaurs!" DVD.

Not an actual "Sesame Street" episode, but rather 40 minutes of bits culled from various episodes featuring dinosaurs, the disc includes the show's standard mix of live, filmed and animated segments to satisfy short attention spans. As befitting of everything sporting the series logo, it colorfully entertains as it quietly educates.

Parents will be pleased with the presentation, perhaps only mildly irked that Elmo takes center stage for much of the proceedings. As a character not introduced until the mid-Eighties, his voice has a tendency to grate. But, hey, kids love the little red Muppet, and if it means learning about prehistoric creatures than absorbing fart jokes, all the better.

None other than Ernie "? sans Bert, sadly "? makes an appearance, and also stars in his own bonus segment on the otherwise scant extra features.

"?Rod Lott

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