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Seven Samurai: Criterion Collection




The full-blooded epic "Seven Samurai" ignited the imaginations of a generation of filmmakers, causing Akira Kurosawa's signature work to be endlessly recycled, riffed upon and revisited in countless movies around the globe. Viewing it again, in this age of bombastic Hollywood action spectacles that teem with CG excess, it stands even taller as a perfect example of kinetic style meeting a timeless narrative of substance. They definitely don't make 'em like this anymore.
An indisputable masterpiece from a career strewn with them, Kurosawa's captivating "Seven Samurai" is rendered anew in this sterling three-disc set from the benchmark in DVD special editions, the Criterion Collection. The company previously issued the film at the dawn of DVD, but thankfully revisited that earlier, inferior disc.
Having polished the image to breathtaking clarity and stuffed this trio of discs with a wealth of worthwhile supplements, including a pair of commentary tracks and a booklet overflowing with plaudits, Criterion has created another essential release for discerning fans of cinema.

"?Preston Jones


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