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Sex & the Single Mom



Just imagine: “Here, Mom, I bought you this movie about an unmarried, middle-aged woman who gets herself knocked up. Hope it inspires you! Love ya!”

Gail O’Grady of “NYPD Blue” is the paralegal who allows herself to be seduced by an expert witness in one of the cases she’s working on. He’s a heart surgeon that looks like Grant Show of “Melrose Place” — and is — so I assume that makes it OK? (Not being female, I’m simply going with my gut here.) Well, despite having earlier getting “fitted for a new diaphragm,” she finds herself with child. D’oh!

Making matters worse, she’s been preaching abstinence to her virgin daughter (Danielle Panabaker, “The Crazies”), who’s about the horniest teen girl you’ll find on basic cable: “Everybody was making out except me!” she complains/cries to Mom after a totally lame party. “Nobody even asked me!”

I haven’t seen many Lifetime movies (you read the “not being female” line from two paragraphs earlier, no?) in my, er, Lifetime, but none of the four or five I have were any good, because they’re way too cornball and self-righteous. “Sex and the Single Mom” joins that elite group, although O’Grady is so o’photogenic that she kept my attention. Hey, at least I’m honest. —Rod Lott


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