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Sexes ed.



Thanks to a University of Oklahoma freshman, OU students will get a chance to learn all about the sexes next year.

Antonin Fusco thought up the idea for a class geared toward relations between men and women through the ages (not those type of relations "¦ well, not entirely those types of relations). And all we were brainstorming in college was how best to nap through econ.

He got approval for his idea and worked with Jill Irvine, Women's and Gender Studies Program director, to turn the idea into a class, according to an article in The Oklahoma Daily. The class will be offered during the spring semester 2011.

Irvine said there's a ton to be learned from looking at gender roles, according to The Daily. No kidding. Bucky, Chicken-Fried News intern, is still trying to figure out why his Valentine's date didn't enjoy his romantic evening of carnations and the finest curly fries Arby's has to offer.

"Often," Irvine reportedly said, "instructors won't necessarily focus on gender roles and relations. "¦ This is really a way we will be able to focus on this incredibly important aspect of how we organize our society and how we understand ourselves."

During the class, which will be a 2000- or 3000-level course, students will learn about gender roles through history and around the world. Maybe students will finally solve the mystery of why men refuse to share the remote (or, considering this will cover history, why ancient men wouldn't share their favorite bashing club).

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