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Shaken by ultrasound



I would like to thank Dr. Edward Shadid for running for House District 85 and for the Page 20 ad he placed in the July 7 Gazette last week giving voice to women and their doctors concerning the shameful law recently passed by Republican legislators.

I recently underwent a vaginal ultrasound to check for kidney tumors. It was the best way to get the pictures, and I did the procedure willingly. The device was larger than expected. The kind voice and apologies of the caring technician were no comfort to the amount of prodding that was necessary. Intellectually, I knew it had to be done. Emotionally and physically, I felt like something bad and of a sexual nature was occurring.

At the end, I was shaken and holding back tears so I would not make the technician feel bad. I had pain from the procedure for a few days afterward.

It is without a doubt against the oath of all doctors to "first, do no harm" to force them to do this to women who are seeking legal medical attention and who have no medical need whatsoever for such an incredibly invasive procedure. It is government-forced rape by instrumentation. It is evil, and it has no place in Oklahoma or anywhere in America no matter what your opinion is about abortion. Doctors, law offices and associations across the nation should be throwing money and support at the candidates who will be running against the people who have done this. It must not stand.

I hope these legislators kneel before the Christ they profess to believe in, Jesus, the teacher of the way of radical compassion that they do not follow and explain to the master, who stopped the crowd from stoning the whore, why they wrote and voted for this criminal law against women and medical professionals. I hope they repent and work to correct this sinful mistake or burn in a hell of their own making.

"Jamie Levescy
Oklahoma City

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