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On the field, the Pokes are sporting nifty new Nike football uniforms this season. OSU’s All-America receiver Justin Blackmon said he’s looking forward to the cool Cowboys unis.

“We’ve been an explosive team the last several years, and now we have a look that goes along with that reputation,” Blackmon said in a press release. Off the field, Gundy himself has been explosive, considering his tirade at a 2007 press conference. Now Choctaw carpenter Brent Loveland has filed a lawsuit claiming the OSU coach fired him for wearing a University of Oklahoma baseball T-shirt while working at his home. Loveland says this cost him money (not as much as T. Boone Pickens has, mind you) and is seeking damages totaling more than $10,000, according to the Stillwater NewsPress.

Where are we at in society today?

Let’s review the allegations:

“Mike asked, ‘How dare you come into my house and offend my wife?’” according to the suit.

After the carpenter asked what Gundy meant, the coach responded, ‘That f--ing shirt you have on,’” the suit claims. It adds that Gundy called Loveland a “stupid idiot” for wearing the shirt on “OSU soil.”

What the hay was the carpenter thinking with this wardrobe malfunction? Loveland claims he just “dressed in the dark” and his random shirt selection was unfortunate, according to the NewsPress. When he offered to turn the shirt inside out, Gundy said “f—k no!” “During the confrontation, Mike let loose a string of cursing that would make a sailor blush,” according to the lawsuit.

OSU denied the allegations against the skipper in a statement from attorney Willie Baker, according to “On behalf of Coach Gundy, while I cannot discuss the specifics of pending litigation, I deny the allegations being made and welcome the opportunity to fully resolve the matter.”

Meanwhile, Gundy told he’s not allowed to comment on the personal issue.

“We’ll get to the bottom of all this, and people will kind of see exactly what happened,” he reportedly said.

If Gundy wins the suit, it will mark the head coach’s first victory over someone wearing an OU shirt.

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