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Shoulda tied me kangaroo down, sport


Credit: Brad Gregg

Unlike the incorrigible Lucy Ricardo, however, this is one Lucy you wouldn’t be able to understand. Unless you speak kangaroo, that is.

We’re talking about Lucy Sparkles, a sneaky little marsupial that bounded off from her Shawnee family’s home Nov. 22, trekking across Pottawatomie County like they were her indigenous Aussie deserts and rangelands.

The Menhusen family has searched high and low for the 11-month-old ’roo, even setting up a “Bring Lucy Sparkles Home” Facebook page with updates on the search.

The Facebook page provides pictures and a description of the missing pet. So if you see a kangaroo hopping around Interstate 40, you can make sure it’s Lucy, and not some other kangaroo.

KFOR Channel 4 reported that the family had even consulted an animal psychic to solve the tale of the missing tail, but the Facebook page denies that claim.

Lucy’s favorite things are
Cheetos and cuddling in warm places, according to the joey’s adoptive
family, and she poses no threat to those who come in contact with her.

A $1,000 reward is being offered to the person who brings the bouncing bundle of joy back to her family.

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