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Shut ’em down?



Two Oklahoma Republicans — Rep. James Lankford and Rep. Tom Cole — distributed press statements condemning the national health care program while also claiming to keep the government operational through Dec.

Some Republicans have said they’re willing to shut down the
government if they can defeat Obamacare. Lankford claims he’s “proud” to
join his colleagues in opposing Obamacare while Cole said the health
care low “remains unpopular and should not be implemented.”

Like our grandparents used to say, “Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.”

The previous health care system enjoyed its own set of flaws that left many Americans asking for help.

a result, they received Obamacare. Many on social media have retaliated
with their own reply to the Republican outcry: #shutdowntheGOP. It’s
trending on Twitter.

Also, one Oklahoma Republican isn’t joining the party to defund and dismantle: Tom Coburn.

He told “Face the Nation” recently on CBS, “I agree with them that if we could do this, we should do it, but we can’t.”

He later added, “And, you know... we have made changes to
ObamaCare, the Affordable Care Act, and we need to make more. I would
love to stop it and send it in a direction where we still have the
safety net and really have competitive pricing for health care and
transparency, but we are not going to get a chance to do that.”

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