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Sibling duo The Red Alert no longer aping White Stripes



The Red Alert consists of Hank Hanewinkel III on guitar and vocals and his younger sister, Christy Hanewinkel, on drums. The pair first started playing four years ago, when she was only eight years old and he was just 14. It all started with that childhood dream and a White Stripes CD.

"My uncle Phillip played me some of 'White Blood Cells' and I was just astounded that two people could make that big of a sound," Hank Hanewinkel said.

After a few days of begging, their parents buckled and agreed to take them to a White Stripes show in Oklahoma City. After the show, not only was Hank ready to start playing, so was his little sister.

"Seeing Meg White up there motivated Christy to start playing drums. In the next three weeks, I taught her about 25 of their songs," he recalled. "She learned them perfect."

It was only a matter of time before Hank talked his dad into a recording session to make an album.

"I just wanted to record, I never thought about playing shows or anything like that," Hank Hanewinkel said. "We did about 12-13 songs in three nights. A few months later, we booked a show in Bartlesville. After that, it just kind of took off." "Graham Lee Brewer


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