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Sick of it



I have read your so-called magazine for the very last time. The June 23 issue was filled with filth supporting the gay agenda. Regarding the gay pride weekend, who cares?

Your garbage magazine has become more and more liberal as the years have gone by. You ran an entire article on a fag who plays the piano with AIDS (Hailey R. Branson, "The man at the organ"). Was that supposed to make us feel sorry for him? Well, it did not. He is getting what he deserves. AIDS is a gay disease designed by God to wipe out fags. You, Mr. Editor, are probably a fag yourself.

And the idiot who wrote the article (Chicken-Fried News, "There's something about Sharia") defending Sharia law and Muslims should be fired, you moron. Do you remember 9/11? Yes, we despise Muslims, and rightfully so. They want to kill us and dominate the world with their religion. We do not want them in this country, much less this state.

I may keep a couple copies of the Gay-zette around in case I run out of toilet paper, because that is all it is good for.

So, you liberal dipshits keep up the poor work. When you realize Oklahoma is a conservative state, maybe the popularity of the Gay-zette will go up. You will never get a penny of my advertising money.

Kiss off.

"J. Simms

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