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Reviewer's grade: A


Dat ol' devil Michael Moore is back with another quasi-documentary about what he sees as in ill in American society: our health-care system. Is it broken? He makes a good case for a "yes" answer, but as always with Moore, the movie is more propaganda than objective. But so what? You know what you're in for when you take your seat.


All the bad things you've heard about Moore may be true, but they're insignificant if he's on the right track and he can make you think about your HMO before that test comes back positive and your coverage becomes invalidated because you didn't mention on your application form that you had a yeast infection in 1978. Yep, that happened to someone interviewed in the movie.


The picture is not made up just of continuing tales of woe; it's also pretty funny, if much of the humor is ironic. See it with a health insurance salesman you love. PG-13  


"?Doug Bentin  


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