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Workers at Funny Or Die would be wise not to tell Griffin if he gets their coffee orders wrong because the 6-foot 10-inch and 251 pound basketball player could wad them into a ball-shaped figure and dunk them into the nearest garbage can.

All-Star forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, Griffin took the internship position during the NBA lockout, which is funny, because it seemed like the point of the lockout was for the players to get more money.

Griffin began his internship last week at the website co-founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, according to The Associated Press. For three days, Griffin helped create and act for the site that focuses on comedy videos riddled with guest appearances.

Mike Farah, president of production at Funny Or Die, told AP the 22-year-old Griffin is roughly the same age as many of the site’s other interns (of course, most of the other interns didn’t earn a salary of more than a $5 million last year, according to ESPN).

“We’re going to put him to work,” Farah said to AP. “He’s shooting a series of videos, and he’s also coming to meetings. He’s basically doing everything that an intern does.”

To those die-hard NBA fans who wept after hearing about the lockout: Move on. Blake Griffin has.

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