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Sierra Club kudos



Credit: Brad Gregg

But we all know the list America has been waiting for ... Best civic infrastructure, of course!

Oklahoma City’s Santa Fe Intermodal Station has edged out the Gangnam Style Boardwalk, the Binders Full of Women Carpool Lane and the Claire Danes Cryface Light Rail to become the No. 1 transportation project of the year.

OK, most of those things aren’t real. They’re just a bunch of memes we threw together to get your attention and make this item seem “so 2012.”

The Santa Fe Intermodal Transportation Hub is real, however, and so is the National Sierra Club’s list of “25 Best Transportation Projects in the United States.”

We’re excited the
environmental group gave a shout-out to the forward-thinking project.
When the retrofit is complete, the station will service commuter rail,
light rail, streetcars, and buses. Creating the infrastructure for a
less car-centric, more sustainable community might just be what this
city — and this country — needs.

Oops. We forgot to pepper that paragraph with memes. Did we lose you? Carly Rae? Paul Ryan? Beliebers? Mayans? Anyone?

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