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Silverfish - David Lapham




"Stray Bullets" creator David Lapham stretches further into the world of noir with "Silverfish," a story-driven graphic novel that plays like an old-fashioned murder mystery, which must be why the writer-artist chose to tell it strictly in black-and-white visuals.

Mia is a teenage girl not too thrilled with Suzanne, her widowed father's new choice for a wife. Mia's asthmatic little sister, Stacey, loves the new attention, but Mia smells a gold-digging rat. Turns out, her suspicions are not completely unwarranted, as Suzanne's past hides secrets.

And these secrets come to light when Mia and her friends engage in a mischievous night of prank-calling everyone in Suzanne's old address book. No one seems to recognize the name, but details spark the memory "? and then ire "? of Dan, who used to be Suzanne's abusive boyfriend. One could say their relationship was ugly "? which may account for what Mia finds in New Mom's closet "? and a jealous Dan decides to come a-calling.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the title refers to the delusional visions Dan sees swimming in his head, so you know his surprise visit isn't going to be all rainbows and chocolates.

The premise of kids accidentally enraging a murderer consistently works, and Lapham brings a hallucinatory touch to it, and ends it with a slam-bang chase through an amusement park. It's like a movie on the page, complete with a huge "THE END" superimposed over the last panel. Grab your popcorn, but careful not to get grease on the pages.

"?Rod Lott

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