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SimCity comes to life



Credit: Brad Gregg

OK, so it’s not that covert. But you really do have the opportunity to give developers your recommendations as to what the structure should become.

The laundromat’s owners recently sold the building to Sweet Sixteenth LLC, which teamed up with Popularise, an innovative online platform that lets people submit and vote on ideas for businesses they’d like to see in their community.

Current suggestions for the building include a hat store, a ramen bar and Flying Fitness, a anti-gravity yoga studio.

In an effort to promote local businesses, Fowler Volkswagen of Norman has offered $1,250 rent support for the first six months to the tenant who claims the coin-op. If you’re not going to propose a superhero-ish hideout for yourself, please suggest a Fiat dealership, just for the sweet, sweet irony.

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