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Simon Says



r, so one guess as to if at least one of them is psychotic. They've rigged the woods with a litany of contraptions to hook, spike and slaughter horny and/or high youngsters you can't wait to see offed. So what if they would require head-of-pin precision to actually hit their targets? They make for a gruesomely creative midsection, often played for laughs.

Once you get that past the horrendous opening and the horror film decides to venture into horror, a good time is nearly guaranteed, thanks to the brothers' murder machines and Glover's delicious dual performance. He's rather theatrical about it, elevating admittedly weak material.

"Gossip Girl" Blake Lively is second-billed on the cover, but don't expect a star turn. She's only in the final scene. Speaking of, I like how it ends.

"?Rod Lott


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