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Six Feet Under: The Complete Series




The beauty of long-form, episodic television shows is that writers are allowed to give characters room to breathe, letting narratives develop like the most satisfying novels; few hour-long dramas better dealt with the absurdity and gravity of death than Alan Ball's "Six Feet Under." A thematic extension, of sorts, of Ball's acclaimed "American Beauty," "Six Feet Under" explored the quirky tensions and genuine emotions of the Fisher family, whose funeral home provided a stage for  often uncomfortable drama.
 In the space of only five seasons, the Fisher family experienced the gamut of human existence: Death, birth, divorce, marriage and coming of age smashed together in glorious, often chaotic fashion, leaving some seasons a little weaker than others. Still, the final episode ranks as among the most moving 90 minutes of TV in recent memory.
This bad-ass boxed set (Astroturf and a headstone!) gathers the already available individual season sets into one sweet-looking package "? if you don't own them, here's your chance.

"?Preston Jones


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