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Skating Polly — Lost Wonderfuls



But it’s not that these girls are so young, or even that they’re so good at such a young age. Rather, what makes Skating Polly — and its sophomore LP, Lost Wonderfuls — such an anomaly is how brazenly Mayo and Bighorse embrace their youth, weaving a playful, seemingly innocuous sense of melody through unabashedly abrasive punk.

Chief among the group’s impressive fan base is Exene Cervenka, co-vocalist of the seminal Los Angeles band X, who offered to produce the record after hearing some demos through a phone speaker (which is pretty damn punk). Even under the direction of such an erudite stateswoman, these 12 tracks sound like the creation of two fire-breathing stepsisters mashing their toy guitars and pianos in a sea of dismembered Barbie dolls.

Because Mayo and Bighorse seem so guilelessly unbridled, it allows their creativity to run rampant and untamed, and in a way that captures the manic urgency of angst-driven teens re-imagined as hypnotic, three-chord lullabies. The two thrive on this delicate balancing act, and it’s precisely the reason they captivate.

Whereas most novelty acts rely on contrived gimmickry, these girls are just out there being themselves, and Lost Wonderfuls is all the more punk because of it. —Zach Hale

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