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Reviewer's grade: C-


You can't keep a good Hollywood horror myth down, so here comes another werewolf picture. This time a clan of werewolves is tracking a boy named Timothy. If he reaches his 13th birthday, he has the power to end the curse of lycanthropy across the board, and so another clan of were-beasties is trying to protect him.


That's what we call a "plot." The bad guys ride big ol' choppers and the good guys ride in a beat up panel truck. That's what we call "cheap." Elias Koteas stars as Timothy's protector, a skinwalker who wants the curse to end so he can stay home on nights with a full moon and watch old Lon Chaney movies on TV.


Jim Isaacs, who directed "Jason X" and garnered a few laughs by not taking Machete Man too seriously, plays this one straight but still generates some chuckles because the picture is such a conglomeration of movie genres. If you have to watch it at all, wait for the DVD. PG-13


"?Doug Bentin 


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