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Skirting the law?


Credit: Brad Gregg

The allegations arose when Zeke Campfield, state Capitol reporter for the Oklahoma City daily, turned up at the Moore High School graduation at the Cox Convention Center. Several witnesses said they saw Campfield repeatedly bumping into girls between the ages of 13 and 21 — despite the area not being crowded — and using a camera to take photos up their skirts.

Police at the scene found no photos on the camera. The SD card, which is needed for photos to be stored, was missing. Campfield said he inadvertently had left it at home, although authorities found an empty SD case inside his camera bag. One witness told investigators that Campfield appeared to be deleting photos from the camera before police arrived.

He was arrested for assault and battery.

The Oklahoman finally reported on the story June 1, noting that Campfield was not on assignment at the graduation.

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