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‘Slap’ down



Well, all right, maybe it is every day, but this time it’s serious business, dammit!

Apparently, the One-World-Islamic- Government-types have infiltrated the state Legislature, after it issued what Kern called a “slap in the face to voters who believe foreign law should have no bearing on legal decisions that impact Oklahomans in Oklahoma.”

So what horrible thing has the Legislature done now?

Glad you asked. Evidently, state senators killed a bill seeking to resurrect the doomed Shariah measure.

In 2010, 70 percent of Oklahoma voters gave their blessing to a measure banning Islamic – or Shariah – law (to keep the Muslim hordes at bay) and international law (to keep New World Order stooges at bay) for use in court rulings.

A federal judge later struck down the law as unconstitutional, but the anti-Shariah train (the same train, it’s rumored, that hauls in squirrels, whoopee cushions and Silly String) would not be stopped that easily.

bill introduced by Kern this legislative session, House Bill 1552,
declared that any court action will be “void and unenforceable” if the
ruling is based on code that withholds any “fundamental liberties,
rights, and privileges granted under the United States and Oklahoma

said the legislation was supposed to clear up some of the problems tied
to the Shariah ruling. HB 1552 made it through the House, but failed in a
Senate committee, prompting Kern to accuse the senators of endorsing
foreignlaw use in Oklahoma courts.

legislation was a simple measure to ensure that only American law is
used to decide Oklahoma Court cases when the use of foreign law would
deny someone their constitutional rights granted them under the U.S.
Constitution or Oklahoma Constitution,” said Kern.

Not revealed is whether
those voting against the measure (four Republicans and four Democrats,
for those keeping score at home) had picked up their Illuminati
membership cards yet.

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