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Slurred speech



Brad Gregg

confounding frankness, the veteran journalist neglected to censor
herself as she read from a suspect’s Facebook page and delivered a
double whammy in the form of the f-bomb and n-word.

Back at the studio, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield said, “We apologize to our viewers for such profanity being used on our air.”

Candiotti issued an apology the next day.

the correspondent assumed she would be bleeped out by the producer? Or
maybe CNN is navigating new territory, in terms of journalistic
standards and political correctness. Last month CNN correspondent Drew
Griffin also opted for the unfiltered version of the n-word while
quoting a violent-crime suspect.

Consequently, CNN anchor Don Lemon and View co-host
Whoopi Goldberg have advocated for the undiluted racial slur when
reporting, citing the censored form “sanitizes it” and makes it sound

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