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Smag 7: Pleasant plates



Asian Eternity
6161 N. May 810-1198

from the run to the buffet line, this is a good place to eat Asian food
with a bit of American cuisine, too. Asian Eternity boasts a spread of
more than 200 feet of delicious buffet items and more than 50 entrees,
plus they are capable of making 15 varieties of sushi and sashimi.
Desserts include homemade pie.

$$ Asian and American

Golden Phoenix
2728 N. Classen Blvd. 524-3988

exceptional menu items and fresh ingredients set this Thai restaurant
apart from others. It’s just plain fun to go exploring and taste its
wonderful, authentic Asian dishes. Glance around and you might spot
several of the top chefs in OKC. See hanging cooked chickens, duck and

$$ Asian

The Sushi Bar
1201 N.W. 178th, Edmond 285-8484

well-known for sushi, the restaurant also has unusual bento boxes,
which contain miso soup, salad, rice, fruit and gyoza, those delightful
Japanese pot stickers. For appetizers, options include calamari salad,
crab cakes or a chicken salad with caramelized onions and a honey
mustard-ginger dressing. Order the tuna salad, and you can request just
how you want your sushi-grade tuna.

$$ Sushi and more

Panang Thai Restaurant
9022 S. Penn 691-9989

is the name of one of the curries offered at this family-run restaurant
located in the southern suburbs of the city. Open every day, Panang’s
garden delight of vegetables appeals to vegetarians, as well as meat-
and seafood-lovers. Diners are impressed by its stir-fry, Thai soups and
exceptional Thai curry made with rich coconut milk.

$$ Thai

Thai Palace
308 W. Edmond, Edmond

the tantalizing pad Thai to the yellow curry and freshly made spring
rolls, this place is most authentic. You’ll have a full menu of
possibilities! Be prepared for a little wait, but one well worth it.
This is a one-man operation whose owner, when asked why he had no phone,
remarked, “How can I answer the phone when I am cooking?” So folks,
just get in there.

$$ Thai

Pho T&N Vietnamese Noodle House
13325 N. Macarthur 470-0648

popular noodle house is closed on Sundays, but any other day is fair
game for its unique items such as vegetarian vermicelli and vegetarian
pho (noodle) soup. Smoothies include variations such as lychee, passion
fruit, taro root, mango and honeydew. The place also features
gluten-free items and vegan-friendly fare.

$$ Thai noodle house

6600 N. Olie 840-1234

Nguyen owns this Kang’s in OKC. Nguyen says he has the best
sweet-and-sour soup in town. His best seller, Mountain sushi roll, is
filled with tempura shrimp, avocado and three kinds of fish chosen by
the sushi chef. This is all atop a crab salad. Try the Japanese sesame
chicken and egg drop soup, as well as the fried green beans.

$$$ Asian

—Carol Smaglinski photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman

$$: Up to $15 $$$: $15-$30 $$$$: above $30

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