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Snow job



Credit: Brad Gregg

And so it was on Christmas Day that children and adults alike woke up
and rushed to the window for a glimpse of that winter wonderland … only
to find things exactly as they’d left them the night before.

While parts of Oklahoma did receive significant snowfall that day, the flakes that eventually fell in the metro were far from the 3 to 8 inches (get your mind out of the gutter) predicted by some meteorologists.

As furious posts on Twitter and Facebook soon showed, it doesn’t take much to turn a bunch of snow-yearning Okies into bitchy Grinches.

Someone was to blame. Santa? Nope.

God? No way. By gum, it was the weathermen!

All the rancor even
prompted KOCO Channel 5 Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane to post a defense
on the station’s website. Saying the forecast wasn’t a total bust, he
argued that, hey, predicting Oklahoma weather is difficult and he, too,
had wanted more snow.

“I thought it had the potential to be more,” he wrote, “but I also knew it could be less.”

As noted on the website The Lost Ogle, Lane tweeted Dec. 24 that a
North American Mesoscale model showed the metro would receive around 5
inches of snow — with no mention that the totals could be considerably

Lane wasn’t the
only meteorologist whose forecast was off, of course. And, granted,
predicting Oklahoma weather is tough business. But Chicken-Fried News
humbly suggests that the weather folks tread lightly when it comes to
promises of a white Christmas.

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