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Snow Patrol makes OKC visit



Snow Patrol is in the midst of a major worldwide surge in popularity, helped by opening for U2 on tour and having their breakout single, "Chasing Cars," appear on "Grey's Anatomy."
"Twenty-two million people watch 'Grey's Anatomy,' drummer Jonny Quinn said. "My girlfriend lives in Austin and that's how her whole office found out about Snow Patrol."
"Chasing Cars" didn't stand out as a single while they were recording, but they knew it was connecting when they started playing it on stage.
"The audience caught on to it pretty quickly, and usually an audience lets you know how it will work on a broader scale," he said.
The band recently recorded a song for the "Spider-Man 3" soundtrack. Snow Patrol's ability to produce swelling emotions that are both faltering and urgent should mesh better with the tone of the franchise " whose previous soundtracks were led by Nickleback and Dashboard Confessional " and push the band further toward its ultimate goal.
"A complete world domination stadium tour," Quinn said. "We really aren't too worried about it. We let labels and agents worry about that. It is good to move up to bigger venues every time you return to a place. It lets you know things are moving along." "Charles Martin

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