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So Far Good - Self Titled






Distorted guitars and cascading cymbals introduce the first song on Edmond rock band So Far Good's new self-titled CD.


The opening song, "The Drive," gives way to softer melodic verses before increasing both the tempo and volume into a full-on promenade of guitars and brisk, punchy drums. Deft palm muting by guitarists Matt Eldridge and Daniel Weaver cuts through the wash of drums and screams.


Front man Joe White's accurate voice nails every note with spot-on pitch and presentation, at times similar in tone and delivery to Geoff Rickly of the post-hard-core band Thursday.


 Speedy metal and hard-core-inspired guitar work permeate "The Legion," while "To Myself" is the most musically interesting with intertwining guitar work and more stop-and-go erratic drumming by Patrick Eldridge.


The seven-song CD, which was recorded and mixed by Trent Bell in his Norman studio, is sonically sound, but not overwhelmingly innovative in either songwriting or instrumentation. The members of So Far Good are young and the band is relatively new, yet the disc is miles ahead of recording efforts from much older and experienced metro musicians.


With a bit more experimentation, songwriting risk and a focus on arrangement, the Edmond band could easily add its signature energy to some new ideas, creating an enjoyable, accessible sound for those wanting to rock. For more information, visit their site.


-Joe Wertz

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