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'Social discourse'



On the July 13 episode of the "Oklahoma News Report," the president of Sooner Tea Party, Al Gerhart, when responding to the NAACP's charges of racism asked the question "Whatever happened to social discourse?"

Here's what has happened to our discourse: Let's put aside the racism that is obvious from not only the "fringe participants" but the leaders of your movement. The underlying message of wearing tricornes, waving "Don't Tread on Me" flags and calling those who don't agree with you politically anti-American or treasonous have poisoned the public conversation. Your gall is amazing.

I have served in the military and love this country every bit as much as you do, but you call people who are politically like-minded to me enemies and socialists. It is your movement, sir, that has undermined the civil discourse in this country! Here's the civility that your movement deserves: Y'all can go to hell, or Texas, whichever suits you best.

"John R. Junger III
Oklahoma City

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