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Some 100 Ideas funders also Cargill contributors



The three largest contributors to House Speaker Lance Cargill's 100 Ideas campaign are all maximum contributors to his 2006 House race, records show.

According to records recently released by the campaign
" Chesapeake Energy Corp. gave $100,000 in cash,
" the Chickasaw Nation gave the same amount, and
" AT&T gave $50,000.

Together, these comprise almost 99 percent of all direct cash contributions to the 100 Ideas campaign. All were maximum contributors to Cargill's 2006 House campaign, as well, according to election fund records.

While AT&T, Chesapeake and the Chickasaw Nation had political action committees that gave Cargill the maximum donation allowed by law, records show that at least one individual within one of these entities also contributed the maximum to Cargill.

Additionally, in-kind contributions given to the 100 Ideas campaign came from organizations or companies that also gave maximum funds to Cargill's bid.

Figures from 100 Ideas show Cox Communications gave $100,000 in TV advertising to the initiative, but also gave the maximum to Cargill's House race, according to records.

Tulsa World is a $61,200 in-kind donor.

100 Ideas collects ideas from participants around the state, both at town meeting-style functions and through the group's Web site which is operated via a private registration in Scottsdale, Ariz., according to a business registration site.

Once the ideas are collected, a book will be published and a copy given to all state legislators. Cargill has said the ideas will be used to develop legislation. "Ben Fenwick

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