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Some Guy Who Kills People



Corrigan often plays losers and underdogs, but rarely as the lead. Here, he's ice cream parlor worker Kenny Boyd, sometimes further humiliated by having to don a costume as a mint chocolate chip cone at kids' birthday parties. But, hey, it beats the loony bin, from which he's newly sprung.

Bullied and tormented since his comic-obsessed childhood, Kenny is just beginning to live his life as, ironically, other lose theirs — in particular, those who made his daily existence hell. Some Guy's sympathetic twist to the narrative is that, amid this small-town chaos, Kenny forges a relationship with a daughter he never knew he had (Ariel Gade, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem), and vice versa. Of evidence of his past suicide attempts, she says, "Your scars are cooler than Harry Potter's."

Although it appears that Some Guy Who Kills People is heading one way, it turns another toward the end. With pitch-black humor covering the grim proceedings, it’s not difficult to see what attracted John Landis to sign on as executive producer, since that mix has been his signature since An American Werewolf in London.

The credit here, however, falls to Ryan A. Levin’s script, which is neither deficient in great lines (“Shall we? Jesus frowns on tardiness”) nor pitch-perfect scenes of Barry Bostwick’s sheriff finding awe in the Dadaist art of the killer's corpse presentation.

And all from Jack Perez, who previously directed, um, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Who knew such things were possible? —Rod Lott

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