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Some Oklahoma Centennial parade entrants had dubious state ties



Well, hope everybody enjoyed the great Oklahoma Centennial Parade in downtown Oklahoma City. Nothing like celebrating 100 years of statehood with giant helium balloons and more Miss Americas than Donald Trump's mansion.


On a slightly overcast but otherwise pleasant day, everything from dancing ballerinas to rope tricksters made its way through the streets to thousands of adoring Oklahomans.


On display were great symbols of Oklahoma culture and heritage. Helium balloons in the shape of sports balls are well understood in this state, as are sports heroes. Three college football Heisman Trophy winners " Billy Sims, Steve Owens and Jason White " sat next to each other as their convertible passed by well-wishers. Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller rode in a car alongside New York Yankees great Bobby Murcer.


Marching bands from Oklahoma high schools to the University of Oklahoma's Pride of Oklahoma were scattered throughout the lineup.


Oklahoma astronauts Thomas Stafford and John Herrington had rides in the parade, as did Okie celeb James Garner.


All of the marchers evoked some form of state heritage. But we at Chicken-Fried News have yet to figure why the hell Dr. Seuss characters were floating around. As far as we know, the Cat in the Hat and Horton the Elephant have no claims to the Sooner State. The only possible guess is Gov. Brad Henry's constant push to "read, y'all."


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