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The 1354 W. Sheridan property is a brewing cooperative currently housing Anthem, Redbud and Black Mesa.

Eric Pennell, Mustang director of marketing and promotions, said the current tenants will remain.

“Mustang has been on the side of the contract brewer,” he said. “We’re excited to help other brewers grow.”

Mustang moved into a facility in northwest OKC earlier this year.

Pennell said the goal was to purchase equipment and move the entire operation into the new building.

“Before that happened, OKCity Brewing approached us about using their facility to make our beer,” he said. “By the time the meeting was over, we made the decision to buy the facility.”

Pennell said he expects to be brewing at OKCity by year’s end. The move will not affect Mustang’s production in terms of volume, but it will change the brewing schedule, as it makes it possible to brew smaller batches more often.

Once the move is complete, the company will assess how much space is available for other contract brewers.

“We’re definitely open to others,” he said. “The more we have, the better we do in terms of pricing on bulk orders. It will benefit all of us. And we hope to see everyone, the facility included, grow with us.”

Mustang has shown startling growth in 2012. It began the year by introducing a low-point, grocery-store line with Mustang ’33, followed by the Saddlebag Series, a quarterly offering of heavier, craft-style beers.

Last month, Mustang announced the addition of Route 66 American Lager to its list of year-round beers.

This month, Mustang released its Winter Lager in bottles; kegs should be available by Dec. 1. The Winter Lager features Black Strap Molasses, giving the brew just a hint of smoke. More malty than hoppy, this one goes down pretty smooth.

“I would like to say that the growth is due to the beer itself, but it’s more than that. This company is an extension of ... everyone who works here,” said Tim Schoelen, Mustang co-owner. “We try to treat the places that carry us and the people who drink our beer as friends. They are as much a part of the growth of Mustang as we are.”

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