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Credit: Brad Gregg

Unless you’re the Dallas Mavericks, of course.

The poor little Mavs have had kind of a rough season (or two). And when things seemed like they couldn’t possibly be worse, Fisher — whom the team signed with the wild expectation of keeping him for more than nine games — wasted no time divorcing Dallas.

His stated reason? To be closer to his family.

And so Fisher naturally landed back in the great state of Oklahoma, a mere 1,400 miles from his Los Angeles home. And in a shocking turn of events, Mavs owner Mark Cuban — never one to shy from the media (or a workout) — had something to say about the matter.

“His kids are older,” Cuban said from his stair climber. “It’s easier to fly in and out of Oklahoma City than Dallas. I understand that. It’s a decision a parent has to make. Every parent has difficult decisions to make.”

it on a little thick there, eh, Cubes? Could it be that being on a
championship-caliber team helps ease the pain of homesickness?

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