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Earlier this month, CFN invited our readers to visit the Gazette's Facebook page. No, it wasn't to make fun of photos from our annual softball tournament. It was to suggest a caption for a nifty photo featuring OKC adult film actress Jesse Jane sitting smack-dab behind the Lakers bench during a Thunder playoff game at the Ford Center.

Since Facebook users don't have enough privacy concerns, we'd thought we'd share some noteworthy feedback: "Bet her parents are so proud!" commented Billie Turner-Davidsson. Meanwhile, "Sleeping with the Enemy" was Kathy Kaltenbach Gunter's witty observation. Heck, even Brian "Video Vigilante" Bates put down his camera, stopped photographing hookers for a moment and chimed in: "Jesse Jane DOESN'T take one for the team!" (That comment generated an "lol" from Ventura Esquivel.)

In the interest of equal time, CFN would like to mention a photo taken behind the Thunder bench during the first road playoff game. In the pic posted online by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Kevin Durant can be seen in the foreground with the sign "Seattle drafted Durant" in the background.

What's up with these sign-holders? P-I blogger Reed Wacker wrote that Jason Reid and Colin White, the filmmakers behind the "Sonicsgate" documentary, "blogged about their adventure at the Staples Center in LA, causing havoc behind the Thunder bench, staring down Clay Bennett."

Wacker asked Reid what it felt like to watch the Thunder in the playoffs.

"We will not let the people that wronged us forget about the way they treated us as pawns in their high-stakes game of chess," Reid said, according to the P-I. "This goes for not only the NBA, but the OKC franchise, and in particular the ownership group led by Clay Bennett who stole the team away from Seattle. Being at the game was kind of surreal, especially since our seats were five rows in front of Clay Bennett."

Deciding not to "Rise Together," Reid also said he couldn't root for the Thunder players.

"The same way I will not drink Starbucks, despite my love of coffee," the director told P-I. "The only player I actively cheered for was Collison, when he came over to the bench, I stood up and yelled, 'Nick ... Seattle loves you!' He's been vocal about his love for Seattle and his disappointment for how things went down here and I wanted to let him know that we appreciated that. But just to make it clear ... we don't hold anything against the players. They were basically as helpless as fans in preventing this from happening. We just can't root for them now."

Oddly enough, Reid said a family of Thunder fans approached them and requested they take a picture together.

"Not sure if they even knew why we were there, but it was kind of a strange moment," he told the P-I.

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